Best Reference Manager in 2020

You just started with your first semester at college and need to write a research paper? To write a high quality paper you should first throughly search what the established scholars have said about your topic. This is called a literature search. Starting from one or two assignmet research articles you begin your search in the vast sea of scientifc literature.

But how do you keep organized after you’ve found dozens of relevant research articles? Use a reference manager! A reference manager allows you to keep track of a collection of research articles. You can usually annotate the articles directly, store your notes about each article and manage the metadata of the articles. Metadata of research articles are the title, author names, where the paper was published (journal) and when it was published.

So now you want to use a reference manager, but which one should you choose? We have reviewed the most popular reference managers to help you chose the right one for you. You can read a detailed review for each reference manager here: Zotero, Mendeley Desktop

Feature Zotero Mendeley Desktop
PDF import
Cloud Sync
Mobile Apps
Free Storage included 300 MB 2 GB
Cost per Sync Gb 10$/GB/year 11$/GB/year
Open Data